Expand your skills and service business with Jobtepi Provider

Earn a good income in your way.

Be someone’s hero today. Earn money by helping people with their everyday to-dos.


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Do what you love

Your skills is important. With your capabilities, you might give a smile to those needed.

At rates you choose

Define rates of your service, either per booking, per hour or list all service and define each price.

Make a schedule

Set the appropriate schedule with the customer, notify them upon ready and completion.

How To Use Jobtepi Provider

Manage booking, choose to accept the job, and bid from any available job that maybe suitable for you. Get more customer and improve your ranking. As a Jobtepi Provider, you can manage your service, rate of each service and manage your income.

All features available for you to manage your customers

  • Find Jobs; view all available jobs offered by the customers
  • Current Booking; view current booking of the job that you’re working on it
  • Booking: view all booking status by type available; Pending Bookings, Accepted Bookings, Rejected Bookings & Completed Bookings.
  • Chats; view latest chat with service provider. During chat, user can add any icon emoji and photo for discussion purpose.
  • Invoice: view all list of invoices
  • Provider Profile: edit provider information (detail, line of service & gallery) and clock-in & clock-out
  • Your Earnings: View summary of your earnings.
  • Wallet: view wallet activity and top-up credit.
  • Notifications: view list of notifications on latest booking activities
  • Settings: change password and sign-out
  • Support: request support directly from Jobtepi admin

Common Question on Jobtepi Provider

What is the main function of Jobtepi Provider?

The main function is to help you to manage the booking from every customers. Each status will generate an in-app notification to ensure you and customers always alert.

I saw a rate per booking and per hour, how does it work?

In general, you can declare your standard rate wither by booking or by per hourly rate. when Jobtepi customer click Book Now, they will straight-away booking you for the services.

I have more than 1 service, how can Jobtepi is ready?

You can add more services, in profile edit, go to Services section. From there just add any service that related to your expertise. You need to add image, name of your service, and the service rate. Customer will see your services and able to select more than 1service to start booking.

I saw a job available, hoe can I apply the job?

Customer allow to Post A Job, it is a special function that allow customer to post a specific requirement in order to find the service provider. As a Jobtepi Provider, you can apply the job by bid for the job (you need to respons eto the offer, explain your proposal and price). If the customer is interested, they will chat with you and accept the offer if agree.

How can I accept payment from customer?

Customer have an option to pay via cash, wallet or online banking. Any payment from online banking will goes straight to the wallet, and you can request to withdraw to your acount. The money will be transfer on the next day.

Is there any charge to use Jobtepi Provider?

It’s FREE to use. Payment only applicable for the eah service booked. It will be calculated by percentage between 10% –  18% depend on the category. You’re advisable to revise your service price to accomodate the platform fees.

How does the platform fees work?

You can see the summary in the earnings. It will show summary of your accumulated payment by Online Earning and Cash Earning. If the payment from customer is made via Cash, then the wallet will calculate the platform fees (by percentage) and store the value as Wallet Amount. If the Wallet Amount show negative, meaning it is the amount that you need to pay, and it can be pay via online banking.

How does the rating works?

Everytime the customer booked your service, and after they payment they will be forward to the Rating section. Customer need to rate by star and enter some text to share their experience. With more customers and  more good ratings, you will have a higher chance people will book your service.

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