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Jobtepi is an on-demand service apps platform equipped with a wide range of services to simplify your life, connect you with a team of people who make sure you get the help you need, and a network of vetted skilled person and even professionals you can trust.

From air-cond repair, car & motorbike repair, home cleaning to tech help, and pet care, we’re a task-completing, time-restoring, human-powered platform for the future of community living.


Now available in:


Human-powered help

A team of people you know by name, dedicated to anticipating and fulfilling your needs.

Personalized services

A broad range of in-home and on-request services designed to simplify and improve your life.

Tech enable community

An industry-leading technology platform that keeps you and your community in sync.

How To Use Jobtepi Service

Search from list of available friendly Jobtepi Provider to help you. And discover other functionalities available that can be useful for your daily needs.

Life at community with Jobtepi Service

We partner with your community to provide the help you need to get things done and reclaim your time. From stocking your fridge to fixing your favorite pair of shoes, we’re a human-powered apps platform system for your life.

Despatch & Delivery
Cleaning Services
Electrical Wiring
Aircond Repair & Services
Interior Design
Home Repair & Renovation
Security, CCTV, and Alarm
Financial Consulting
Car Repair & Services
School Tutor
Pest Control
Catering, Cakes & Cookies
Photographer & Videographer
Beauty & Grooming
Office Works

Graphic Design
Landscape & Gardening
Plumbing Services
Movers & Relocators
IT Service & Repair
Traditional Complimentary Health
Event Management
Iron Work & Grill
Water filter and maintenance
Food & Groceries Delivery
Motorcycle Repair & Services
Children Daycare
Quran & Islamic

Common Question on Jobtepi Service

What are the service available in Jobtepi?

As of now we have more than 30 categories of services, each service provider (Jobtepi Provider) may have more than one services. You are advisable to view list of services offer by them.

How much does it cost to use Jobtepi?

If you live in an Jobtepi community, you have access to the Jobtepi platform courtesy of your community. Some services by Jobtepi Provider have fees associated with them.

How do I know if my community offers Jobtepi?

You can check by downloading the app and entering your details. If we’re not in your area yet, we’ll add you to the waitlist, and intensfiy our reachout to get more users, so you’re kept in the loop!

What if I want it urgently and difficult to search the required service?

You can use Post A Job function, by select the correct category, explain your requirement and specify your budget. You can accept bid form relevant Jobtepi Provider, chat with them and select the best one.

What are the payment options available?

You will pay the services to the Jobtepi Provider upon completion of their job. The payment options availables are; Cash, by Wallet and by Online Banking.

How to ensure the guarantee of the payment for each job done?

You are advisable to perform the payment via Wallet or Online Banking, the payment will be release to the Jobtepi Provider upon acceptance of the job by next day.

What is an Jobtepi Provider?

A Jobtepi Provider helps with your weekly in-home tasks and to-dos, like shopping for groceries and delivering them straight into your fridge.

How to know if they capable to do the Job?

You can view the required service provider by looking at summary of their profile, look at the rating, jobs done, completion rate, and view the testimonial of other customers sharing their experience.

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